4 Communication

Truly leverage and harness the power of yourdata held in the CRM database with the 4 Communication suite. Good use of communication, in the form of emails, enewsletters, SMS messaging, online surveys, automated email acknowledgments and RSS news feeds can enhance relationships with customers dramatically.

The latest version of '4 Communication' enables you to create workflow rules in the CRM database and according to these rules, audiences will be created and automatically sent a particular eCampaign. Automated campaigns could be set up for reoccurring messages such as a birthday card or, if used with '4 Booking' pre-event acknowledgments and post-event surveys could be automated.

Use the 4 Template service to quickly prepare reusable, branded email layouts. Use tried and tested formats for newsletters, alerts, surveys, and last minute match ticket offers.

Create audience lists using the data held in the CRM system and through the channels of email, SMS messaging, RSS newsfeeds publish personalised communications to targeted supporter groups. Using the 4 Portal you can also issue content to an anonymous audience, here supporters will be able to access limited content until they register their details. The details are then automatically updated in the CRM system providing a perfect aid for data capture.



Statistics measure campaign success and the campaign responses are automatically fed back to the Dynamics database. They will also automatically update supporter profiles in readiness for follow-on campaigns. This "closed loop" environment makes it possible for the club to listen and learn from campaigns. This in turn, guarantees unparalleled response rates to all campaigns that it delivers.



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Improve communication at all stages of your customer relationships with Green 4's email marketing tools.

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