Targeted, personalised and automated

Go has a powerful eCommunications platform within the solution to enable closed-loop marketing. Personalised and targeted communications can be tracked and followed-up on for better results.

eCommunications benefits

A better customer journey

Go’s built in eCommunication tools help to enhance the customer journey by providing personalised communication at every point.

Quickly and easily profile and segment your audience for highly targeted campaigns, using workflows to automate timely delivered messages. Our ‘closed-loop’ environment makes it possible to listen and learn from campaigns, easily measure effectiveness and ROI.

Full click through audits are recorded against the contact record, allowing you to execute follow-up campaigns to customers that engage with your communication.

  • Simple segmentation of your data
  • Automate communications for timely delivery of marketing
  • Full click through audits and reporting
  • Easy to use HTML editor to build engaging content
  • Surveys with data writing back to CRM

What Go users say...


Average increase in click-through rate from Leicester City FC's new pre & post match eComms

“We’re always looking for new ways to make our communications more engaging. We set out to provide all the key information fans are looking for before and after a game, in a nice easy to digest format. The increased click-through rates show it’s been a positive move.”

Tom Crosse
Marketing Executive
Leicester City Football Club