Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft CRM is an integrated suite of powerful marketing and sales tools which will enhance and improve customer-driven businesses. It provides flexibility in its use and with its familiar interface CRM users can be immediately productive.

Microsoft CRM will enable solutions for a range of day to day tasks which strengthens customer loyalty, consequently increasing revenue for your business. Achieved by enabling in-depth customer knowledge, the ability to consolidate and centralise customer information and the speed in which customer information can be accessed, this combined produces an influential marketing tool.

The flexibility and international availability of the Dynamics platform has allowed Green 4 to become a strategic partner to its customers and in many cases we have been able to work closely with a customer to provide business critical solutions using a hybrid of Microsoft Dynamics, Green 4 modules and custom development for our clients.

Many of the building blocks that are required to deliver a customer project can be achieved through the introduction of the Microsoft “stack”.  For example, all system development is carried out on the SQL Server database, providing an open platform which is easy to query and straightforward to integrate with other applications.

Dynamics CRM provides much of the system structure and controls that are required to build any application. Functions such as Security, Workflow Processes, Localisation and of course the User Interface is already in place and therefore reduces the development effort required from Green 4.  


CRM focused, online, data driven ticketing solutions that streamline your ticketing purchasing process.

Improve communication at all stages of your customer relationships with Green 4's email marketing tools.

Reward customer loyalty. Manage loyalty programs and allocate points based on customer transactional data.