Sports Administration

The Green 4 Sports Administration system has been built  with the excellent assistance of the PSL in South Africa. Green 4 has been able to build a generic Sports Administration system based on the Dynamics platform.  Our focus has necessarily been on the introduction of functionality to meet the requirements of the league.  This originated with the Player Passport and has extended outwards to allow automation and efficiency of all aspects of their operation.
Over a period of two years a range of modules has been developed using the same design structure and look and feel. This now incorporates:
  • Player Administration
  • Player Passport
  • Player Registration
  • Match Statistics
  • Automated Match Reports
  • Accreditation
  • Competition Management
  • Event Calendar
  • Event Management
  • Market and Communications
  • Security Management
Using the same architecture, but based from the UK, Green 4 has also built a range of modules aimed at individual football clubs. One suite of modules focuses on Player Performance, and incorporates Medical, Fitness, Scouting, Squad Management and Match Day Analysis.
The real power of the solution is that the entire breadth of functionality is provided on a single platform. That platform can be implemented “in house” or hosted by a 3rdParty. The system is available in over 35 languages including English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish and Chinese, and utilizing Microsoft’s “multi-tenant” capability it is possible to implement the South American cluster on the same server architecture, thus making considerable savings in license costs and implementation services, whilst at the same time preserving the ability for each Association to configure their system uniquely for their own specific needs.
Green 4's focus has been on the development of the functionality and processes to manage the very specific requirements of a sport’s governing body and sports clubs, from player registrations to discipline to managing match day events. The administrative burden for many governing bodies is difficult to manage with a limited resource, and is an obvious target for the introduction of technology. A simple example is the use of our electronic communications engine to notify individuals of specific tasks such as a drugs test or the use of our workflow tool to automate processes such as match allocations to officials or player registrations. 



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