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What We Do

Green 4 helps organisations in the leisure industry create fantastic relationships with their customers through carefully constructed online journeys and the intelligent use of data.

Data is at the heart of every customer engagement, whether through social interaction, personalised communication or a specific purchase transaction.

By providing a single platform that optimises the customer experience, harvests data from multiple sources, facilitates deep insights into customer behaviour and delivers relevant communications, Green 4 enables businesses to place their customers at the heart of their organisations.

Visitors who are engaged, understood and enjoy a great user experience will become strong advocates for your business.  They will visit more frequently, spend more money and recommend you to others.

Are you a sports club or organisation? We are now able to offer a dedicated complete sports enterprise solution with best-in-class software - visit Jonas Sports.

Green 4 Go

Go beyond CRM and transform your approach to ticketing with Go from Green 4. Go is a single platform solution that extends the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Green 4 have built Go modules to manage multi channel transactions, maximise the capacity of your venue and streamline your customer journey. Go's modules provide the tools to analyse your customers' behaviours and create meaningful profiles in CRM. 

Go+ Marketing Services

Go+ services are a range of specifically tailored managed services that allow Green 4 customers to maximise the commercial value of their Go system. Go+ provides all of the necessary resources and skills required to improve the quality of data, generate insight, manage campaigns to help you generate measurable results more quickly.


We are passionate about keeping visitors engaged... our approach to visitor engagement ensures that you have one true picture of your visitors. Our specialist data solutions integrate visitor touchpoints and transactional systems into CRM, maximising the use of powerful, insightful data.

If you are a leisure operator or visitor attraction, Go can provide a full suite of transactional booking features to optimise the visitor journey. In all cases, CRM and most importantly, the customer is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Go Modules include:


Get a 360 degree view of your customer data.
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CRM is central and pivotal to Go. It’s at the heart of the solution and all other modules are designed with CRM in mind. This enables you to gain full control of customer data with a true 360 degree view.

Leisure Data Model

Normalise your data within one system.
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We have developed a data model that will normalise data for a standardised and aggregated model that works across leisure.

Comm Creator

Build beautifully crafted email campaigns.
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This is Go’s built in email marketing tool to enable closed loop marketing. Easy to use drag and drop functionality and transactional data to create automated campaigns such as booking confirmations and post visit surveys.

Data Warehousing

An amalgamation of 3rd party data feeds. 
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In scenarios where Go is integrating with 3rd party systems, Green 4 would create a data warehouse where background processes take place. Key supporter information is then fed into Go’s Sport Data Model.

Single Identity Server

Provide a single identity for your web users. 
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Go’s Single Identity Server provides web users with a single ID and Password to access to multiple applications. 3rd party applications integrate to this online portal and a single identity is created and the CRM record becomes the Master contact record. This makes it much easier to manage data and ensures GDPR compliance.

Preference Manager

Allow users to update preferences. 
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Go’s Preference Manager is an online area where your customers can update their contact details, select their marketing channel preferences and subscribe to the type of information they wish to receive. From a GDPR perspective, your customers are able to accept a privacy policy and can opt in or out to receive information. All data is audited in CRM.


Keep your customers engaged and incentivised. 
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Customer interactions, transactions and behaviours, which are rewarded with ‘Loyalty Points’. Points are redeemed for ‘money can’t buy’ rewards, auctions and lotteries, which engage the customer more deeply with the program. You will collect more data, get greater customer insight and be able to influence desirable customer behaviour to maximise your revenues.

Hospitality & Sales

Manage your sales cycle activities. 
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Go leverages the sales process functionality in Microsoft Dynamics to manage sales cycle activities; from initial lead generation through to order stage.


Ensure a seamless booking journey for your users. 
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Go is designed to enhance the customer experience during the booking process, on any device. Go ensures a seamless process to capture customer data and process the booking.

Ticket Validation

Validate print at home tickets and mobile tickets. 
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Go offers a ticket scanning facility to validate print at home tickets and mobile tickets. This can be linked to the POS device or provided via hand held scanners.


Manage walk up or call centre sales. 
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A simple process designed to give ticket office staff a till interface to quickly process bookings.


Optimise scheduling of events. 
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Optimise scheduling of timed and capacity constrained events. Go’s scheduler maximises yield and manages resources.


Create a joined-up retail experience. 
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Sell merchandise items in the same shopping basket as a ticket. This creates A joined-up retail experience with opportunities for up-sell, cross-sell and product bundling.

Food & Beverage

See how your customers interact at your venue. 
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Go’s Food & Beverage module uses the Go POS interface. It enables customers to make swift, transactions. Data is immediately available within CRM, giving you a great picture of how your customer interacts at your venue.


Sell membership products to your customers. 
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Membership products can be sold using Go. These products can have many characteristics, including monthly payments by direct debit, joining fees, membership periods and entitlements.

Power BI

Microsoft's business intelligence tool. 
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Power BI is Microsoft’s business intelligence tool designed to offer powerful data insights based on transactional and behavioural customer data farmed in Go.

Specialist Data Marketing & Insight Services

Our specialist team of Go+ data marketing & insight consultants are on-hand to help our clients maximise the potential from both the technology and the data. The team's breadth of expertise goes beyond the traditional CRM and data marketing agency and our people understand the common challenges faced at visitor attractions and leisure organisations. Working as an extension to your marketing function our focus is on developing actionable insight-led strategies which deliver results and ultimately a return on investment. All activities are coordinated by a dedicated account manager who can call upon the supporting skills of CRM strategists & consultants, data analysts, email marketing experts and graphic designers. 

The Go+ service is tailored to meet your businesses specific requirements. Key benefits include: 

  • Becoming an extension to your marketing team
  • Providing best practice and results-focused recommendations
  • Delivering actionable data analysis & insight
  • Providing end to end campaign management & reporting
  • Providing additional operational resource during peak times
  • Regular reporting to feed back into planning & next-steps
  • Supporting you in achieving your CRM & data goals

Strategy & Planning

Data Management

Data & Insight Services

Marketing Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Green 4 use Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the development platform for Go; with its .NET and SQL server environment, alongside existing role based security, workflow automation functionality, reporting services and a familiar Microsoft user interface.

This means Green 4 can focus on delivering extra functionality in its solutions that are tailored to leisure customers.

Microsoft's Azure Cloud Hosting 

Green 4 provide hosting services using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for speed, reliability and stability. 

Azure offers a 99.95% availability SLA, 24/7 technical support and round-the-clock service health monitoring.

Azure can quickly scales up or down to match demand, so you only pay for what you use.

Azure is available everywhere on a global network of Microsoft-managed data centres across 19 regions.

Are you a sports club or organisation? We are now able to offer a dedicated complete sports enterprise solution with best-in-class software.

Visit Jonas Sports.